Powder Heart

PowderHeart was founded by altitude fitness and culture fanatics, bringing an incredible workout and experience to the people. We value your time, carefully curating an environment and workout to accommodate all muscles and sensations. Our timed circuits will have you focused, never bored and leaving with a true sense of full mind and body accomplishment. A trademark methodology founded on the principle of empowerment and accessibility, each PowderHeart athlete sets and achieves his or her personal thresholds and goals with our Green, Blue, Black methodâ„¢.

  • Working Hours

    Monday 6:30AM - 6:15PM
    Tuesday 6:15AM - 6:15PM
    Wednesday 6:30AM - 6:30PM
    Thursday 6:15AM - 6:15PM
    Friday 6:30AM - 5PM
    Saturday 9AM - 11:30AM
    Sunday 9AM - 3:00PM
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    3636 McKinney Avenue #130
    Dallas, TX 75204

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