Baboush restaurant is Dallas’ newest escape, a place where Morocco is a state of mind. Baboush restaurant concept was born in Marrakesh City, Morocco inside a small traditional market called Baboush. Baboush means moroccan slippers; also the name of the market that specializes in making the slippers in many colors and stylers. Hence, the restaurant’s interior design was inspired by the slippers’ vibrant colors and this market way of life.

The menu is a combination of the best ideas of eastern mediterranean (Lebanese) and moroccan.  It is inspired by vendors’ street food cooking, but with family sourced recipes served in small plates. The emphasis of this menu is more Lebanese (Mediterranean) than Moroccan (North African), blending both authentic and contemporary dishes in an inventive way. They incorporate fine fresh ingredients and traditional spices while also using established european culinary techniques. h

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    Monday 11AM - 10PM
    Tuesday 11AM - 10PM
    Wednesday 11AM - 10PM
    Thursday 11AM - 10PM
    Friday 11AM - 11PM
    Saturday 11AM - 11PM
    Sunday 11AM - 10PM
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    3699 McKinney Avenue #160
    Dallas, TX 75204

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