Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe attempts to resolve its identity as a color field painting, primarily. Its’ vast surface area reduced to a singularity of multitudinous diamonds sets precedent for color alone to achieve a kinetic opticality of trompe l’oeil qualities.

About the Artist:

Ricardo left the formal educational system his sophomore year of high school and is primarily self-informed. His work has since been included in museum collections and hangs alongside academically trained professionals at the institutional level. In engaging the ongoing dialogue that is contemporary art he’s been known to evolve multiple bodies of work concurrently. Recurrent within his work are themes ranging from the pattern and decoration movement, op art, color field painting and other incarnations of geometrical and/or geometric abstraction. With a rigorous work ethic and eye for detail that can be traced back to a lineage of master tile artisans, Paniagua is known for unique articulated craftsmanship in much of his work.