Brackish takes a unique view on hand-made accessories for men and women by crafting beautiful, wearable works of art from sustainably sourced feathers and other natural materials. Originally founded on the idea of gifting his groomsmen something that they would wear and love for years to come, Co-Founder Ben Ross crafted the very first bow tie from turkey feathers over 15 years ago. One of those lucky recipients, Co-Founder Jeff Plotner, could not shake the idea that this innovative and personal gift was something special, one that could become a staple in many occasions to come. Taking a leap of faith, Brackish was founded in 2012.


Building on the popularity of the original iconic bow tie, and the continued focus of repurposing the beauty that can only be found in nature, the brand has since broadened its offerings. Brackish now offers a full line of men’s and women’s accessories designed and hand-crafted in Charleston, SC. Not only does choosing a Brackish piece offer a unique fashion choice, it reminds the wearer of a joyous moment. It was this combination of qualities that lies at the heart of our brand: one-of-a-kind style designed to celebrate life’s joyous moments with friends and family.

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