MYX Blend Bar

Lipstick Is Everything!

  • At MYX Blend Bar, we invite you to MYX IT UP! From subtle to sassy, your smile is your canvas. Your personalized MYXperience is all about your style and preferences.
  • We understand that lipstick is more than rouge, it’s a fashion statement, an expression and an invaluable asset that can transform your look with the swipe of a wand!
  • At MYX Blend Bar we refuse to allow you to be confined by the limitations of the cosmetic counter! We invite you to choose it, MYX it and truly MAKE IT YOURS!

  • Working Hours

    Monday – Thursday:
    10AM – 8PM
    Friday & Saturday:
    10AM – 9PM
    10AM – 6:30PM
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    3699 McKinney Ave #302
    Dallas, TX 75204

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