State and Liberty

State and Liberty Clothing Company specializes in athletic fit, performance fabric menswear. The company’s core products consist of stretch blazers, dress slacks, and suiting to complement their best-selling dress shirts. While their main focus is on professional clothing, they also feature a selection of business casual, athleisure wear, and golf apparel.

All the products are designed to be worn for a close-fitting, modern tapered look. The fabrics are stretch performance materials that are moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free, that allows for a tailored fit without sacrificing comfort, all while maintaining a professional appearance. The company has a robust wedding business and takes great joy in fitting groomsmen for their weddings, playing a crucial role in someone’s big day.

State and Liberty prides themselves on providing an old-school, next-level in-store service that has long been forgotten in retail. With their lounge, open bar, and attention to the customer experience, you can try on their truth athletic fit, performance fabric clothing in a laid-back luxury environment.

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    3699 McKinney Avenue #317B
    Dallas, TX 75204

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